Is it true that being delinquent on my taxes or even my water or sewer bill can affect my paycheck by having my wages garnished?


Yes, but this garnishment option refers to government employees only (anyone who is paid with any monies from local tax dollars).


This includes police officers, firemen, teachers, college professors, sheriff’s employees, correctional officers, parks and recreation employees, etc. The reason behind this law is because the state legislature feels that if you are paid by tax dollars, then you have no excuse not to pay your taxes. IC 6-1.1-22-14, -15, -16, and -17 states “the County Treasurer shall search his/her records to ascertain if any person so certified to him is delinquent in the payment of property taxes.” If you have any questions concerning delinquent taxes and the possibility of being garnished, please the Treasurer's Office at 812-435-5248.