What is a Precautionary Boil Advisory?


A Precautionary Boil Advisory is a public statement advising people to boil their tap water before using it, typically in response to an event that could allow contaminants to enter the water distribution system.


Such events include a water main break or loss of system pressure. Depending on the size of the area that may be affected by the Precautionary Boil Advisory, the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility may or may notify the media of the event. If the affected area has been isolated to a small area of the water distribution system, typically 40 customers or less, the Utility will place door hangar notices on each customer’s door notifying them of the Precautionary Boil Advisory. For larger areas, the Utility will not place individual door hangar notices on each customer’s door but will instead notify the local media outlets, consisting of television, radio, and newspaper. The specific area that is affected by the Precautionary Boil Advisory will be given to the media along with instructions of what to do in the event an advisory is issued.

The Precautionary Boil Advisory information will also be posted on the Utility website.