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Weights and Measures
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Weights & Measurements

The Vanderburgh County Weights and Measures Department is one of the government’s most important functions affecting industry and commerce.

The enforcement of Weights and Measures enables farmers, manufacturers, processors, merchandisers and consumers to buy and sell confidently, knowing that when one pays for a pound or gallon of a certain commodity, that one is, in fact receiving a pound or gallon of that item. The Department is the enforcement agency that governs all weighing and measuring devices used commercially and all commodities sold by weight, measure or count. The Indiana labeling laws also are enforced by the local Weights and Measures Department.

The department consists of one Chief Inspector and three Deputy Inspectors who test and ascertain that all measuring devices such as gasoline and fuel pumps, taxi cabs, Laundromat, dryers, recycle, feed seed and grain scales; propane and medical oxygen scales are inspected at least once each year or as often as may be deemed necessary for accuracy in the marketplace. The department also has one secretary. Prepackaged commodities are inspected for violations of illegal weighing and non-conformance of the labeling laws.

The Department also enforces the methods of sale of all commodities sold by weight, measure or count.

Devices and commodities found to be incorrect have been confiscated and violations are filed for court action.

Points to remember:

  1. Weights and Measures supervision benefits both the buyer and seller and is intended to assure equity in commercial transactions.
  2. Weights and Measures are vital to our way of life and to the progress of our civilization and affect the lives of every person.
  3. Your local Weights and Measures officials and the facilities of their department are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact them if you feel that can be of service.