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Snow Removal Crews Prepare for Winter Weather
Posted Date: 1/4/2017

The City of Evansville Street Maintenance Department crews are pre-treating snow routes with a salt brine mixture in preparation for the season’s first snowfall. Salt trucks are also being pre-loaded today (January 4). Crews will begin spreading salt on city streets once it starts to snow.

With winter weather in the forecast, Indiana Department of Transportation Snow Fighters are also working today  to pre-treat roads and bridges with salt brine. When snow begins to fall, INDOT Snow Fighters will mobilize and begin snow removal operations in 12-16 hour shifts until the system has passed and the roads are clear.

Motorists are reminded to prepare for hazardous driving conditions during the event. INDOT offers these tips for the motoring public:

• Reduce your speed, especially on four-lane and Interstate routes.
• Allow yourself extra time to reach your destination.
• Don’t crowd the plow. Remember, our plows (#YellowTrucks on social media) have a large blind spot and the driver may not see you if you are too close or riding alongside them.
• It’s always safer behind a plow, but if you must pass, do it as quickly as conditions allow.
• Know before you go. Visit to check the latest road conditions.

When You See a Snow Plow

Also remember, our Snow Fighters have designated routes and it takes two to three hours to complete a cycle. You may also see Yellow Trucks with their blades not engaged. There are a number of reasons for this: the driver may be headed to the starting place for their specific route, they may be on their way to refuel, or they could be treating roads with brine or salt.

Motorists should also note that as temperatures drop below 20 degrees, salt alone becomes less effective. To combat that, INDOT uses beet juice in combination with salt and brine in low temperature situations. More helpful tips are available at

INDOT urges drivers to slow down and stay alert during winter weather events. For updates and traffic alerts, “Like” INDOT on Facebook at and follow on Twitter at For the latest road conditions visit INDOT’s TrafficWise website at